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Qurantine relief

The Regional Director of Health updated the recommendations of isolation of positive cases and quarantine of contacts, within the scope of covid-19. Considering the dominance of the Ómicron variant, which is less severe but more transmissible, the information says: ” if the individual does not present symptoms or if the…

Business As Usual

Well today was 'D' day, or at least 'C'ertificate day, but when local media outlet JM investigated the city's busy supermarkets they were surprised to find that most had refrained from posting security guards at the door, and hand sanitiser were suspicious by its absence. 

Register For Your Vaccine

Those individuals who are not registered with the Portuguese National Health Service (SNS) and want to be included in the new Covid-19 vaccination scheme must register their interest.  The registration must be via the government website and further information can be found at which explains all the proposed vaccination phases. 

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