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Business As Usual

Well today was ‘D’ day, or at least ‘C’ertificate day, but when local media outlet JM investigated the city’s busy supermarkets they were surprised to find that most had refrained from posting security guards at the door, and hand sanitiser were suspicious by its absence.

While some of the bigger outlets had a more laissez faire attitude to the new restrictive measures, many café owners expressed their concern at asking patrons to produce confirmation of vaccination and antigen testing before serving them, saying that it is simply going to end up being ‘a mess.’

The Presidents new ruling has enraged many, and so it was no surprise that protesters against the new law demonstrated outside Quinta Vigia, Funchal, this morning

The protesters, including Sara Santo, categorically stated that: –

“No one can be discriminated against for not being vaccinated. We are united, and we will be eternally united in the several demonstrations which will take place this month.  For once and for all, being forced to vaccinate is unconstitutional.”

Helena Alves, cried out that the Regional President, Miguel Albuquerque is committing a serious offence, and will end up in prison.  She went on to explain that he is not honouring the law, and that an International Criminal Complaint will be filed against him.

Demonstrators also asked the population to report any employers who demand that their workforce is vaccinated, or those who threaten unvaccinated staff with dismissal if they refuse to comply.

Concluding, they unanimously believe that the ‘country is dissolving into a Dictatorship.”

Strong words, and views have been equally as passionate in the comments sections of many of the articles regarding the new measures.

Samantha Gannon

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