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Madeira Weekly is a non-profit, initiative from foreign residents for foreign residents; we want to inform the international community about what is happening on our beautiful island!

Our writers:

Samantha Gannon is a long-time resident; she wrote for “The Brit” until the publication closed down in 2011. She lives in S. Cruz. She is a member of MADS, the foreign theatre group led by Teresa Gedge. (copyright eurofinesco, s.a.)

Dennis Swing Greene is a tax expert with residence in the Algarve and in Funchal. He writes for The Portugal News, the Resident and Algarve Daily News on a regular basis and issues publications on taxation and other topics to do with Residency in Portugal. He is CEO of Eurofinesco, s.a. in the Algarve. (copyright eurofinesco, s.a.)

Ursula Hahn is a long-time resident in Funchal. She wrote for the German language “InMadeira” journal until 2011 and wrote for and edited the ”Funchal Business Centre Bulletin” until 2009. She took a reporting course from the London School of Journalism in 2007. (copyright Ursula M. Hahn)

  • Responsible for the content:
  • Samantha Gannon /Ursula Hahn
  • Contact: Ursula Hahn, C.P. 2706. 9001-401 Funchal
  • Telephone:  nine six 2649890, info at

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