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Due to the high Covid numbers, the Health System is incapable of tracking and tracing the cases.  The Government decided to move some of the burden of this work to an app (in Portuguese) online: Once a person has tested positive, this app can be used to denounce other…


Hello Dear Readers! It’s Christmas, and we are taking a small break, but the Covid Ticker will be active as usual. We wish you all a Happy Holiday Season and a great New Year! Ursula Hahninfo at

Homeless and infected

Madeira has actually 110 persons listed as homeless in the Region. 20 of them tested positive for Covid in the last three months, and these are only the ones which were found. It’s a pity, really. In the beginning of the Pandemic, the homeless were right away classified as endangered…

Test here or there

Lately, we had different information from the President, Miguel Albuquerque, and the health professionals as to where tourists should do their Covid tests, bevor departure from home or here at arrival.  Tests which are done at the airport and the harbor, are being paid the by the Government, that is…

Covid – the bumps

We have been running the Covid Live Ticker ( since March 28, 2020. If the Government numbers we are working with can be believed, we are doing well. There is no need to speak of pandemic waves for the Island, as we are in the epidemic stage. The pandemic is…

No Containment Fences for Machico

The President of the Regional Government  has issued a statement saying that he refuses to lock Machico down, despite 11 of the 14 cases registered on Friday originating from the area, saying that all identified Covid transmission chains are under control, and that an increase in the number of Covid cases was expected to coincide with students returning to face-to-face classes. 

Covid – going down

Our infection numbers are slowly but surely going down. It is logical; the vaccination program is doing well; 30.000 people have been vaccinated already (our population: 250.000). Most of our senior citizens above the age of 80 and somewhat younger ones with health conditions were vaccinated. On Tuesday, around 7000…

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