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Covid – the new normal

We have a 7-day incidence of 35 per 100.000. I calculated that with a conservative number of 240.000 inhabitants; the population at this time is really around 254.000 (plus tourists). We are busily vaccinating people, still in the 60`s age bracket, and the schedule depends on how much vaccine has bene delivered.

We could say that we are over it.

Now, we still have to wear masks in public (where distance is not possible) while scientists already pointed out that the use of wearing masks in the open is “not useful”. But the Government hesitates to do away with the regulation, a pity.

The restaurants, bars and other venues are receiving more patrons and in fresh air, along a river in Madalena do Mar, I couldn’t really see the risk of getting the disease, with or without a mask.

The persons who have it, are in quarantine, plus the suspects who might have it, are under surveillance. If I wanted to give someone the disease, I’d have to find the address of an infected person or go to the Quarantine Hotel (which one is that?), pass the policeman in the lobby, and kiss a sick person. I do not see how I could get the disease any other way on the island.

It has always been “local” infection, not “community” spreading as in Germany and other countries. Tracking and tracing worked well, our Health Team did a great job. Meanwhile the “other” services in hospital, such as the Blood Donation Service, always used safety and hygiene precautions so things are working with the normal routine.

Let’s count our blessings – we are really lucky to live here!

Ursula Hahn

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