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Individual and Remunerated Passenger Transport (TVDE) Controversy Continues

At the regional parliament, representatives of two Madeira Taxi Driver Associations met with the islands President, Miguel Albuquerque,  the Regional Secretary for Economy, Rui Barreto, and the Regional Secretary for Social Inclusion and Citizenship, Augusta Aguiar, to argue against new digital platforms for passenger transportation, in unmarked vehicles (Individual and Remunerated Passenger Transport TVDE), whose model is being adapted to the region, on the basis that they constitute 'negative and unfair competition' in the sector.

Despair Over Lack of Social Security Measures

After yesterday's tragic incidence when a restaurant worker, suffering financial distress after his boss failed to pay his wages despite agreeing to a payment plan, barricaded himself inside the restaurant where he worked and threatened to kill himself, the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP) announced this morning that there are literally thousands of people who are unable to access any form of social security support.

Increased Poverty – New Challenges Ahead

With a world in turmoil and an increase in global poverty especially among the most vulnerable sections of the community, the EAPN - Portugal/European Anti Poverty Network, has proposed that governments and social entities start thinking about the challenges ahead and how to tackle what is increasingly becoming a widespread and complex problem.

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