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Russian Ship Escorted By Navy

The Navy has now ended its escort and monitoring duties of the Russian ship ‘Akademik Tryoshnikov.’ Surveillance began on the 5th of July as it sailed along the Exclusive Economic Zone of Madeira and the Mainland.

According to a statement sent by the Navy, the scientific research vessel was accompanied by the NRP Zaire and the NRP Setúbal, respectively, in the aforementioned areas.

This accompaniment totalled more than 45 hours on mission.

During this period, the Maritime Operations Centre (COMAR) monitored and coordinated this mission, maintaining permanent situational awareness of the Russian ship as it sailed through the areas of national jurisdiction and responsibility.

“The Navy, through these monitoring and surveillance actions, guarantees the defence and security of maritime spaces under national sovereignty or jurisdiction, in the protection of Portugal’s interests, its critical infrastructures and, at the same time, contributes to ensuring compliance with the international commitments assumed within the framework of the Atlantic Alliance.”

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