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Nestlé Donates 3 Million

At the ceremony celebrating the 50th anniversary of Nestlé’s presence in Madeira, the Swiss multinational company delivered three tonnes of products to the Madeira Food Bank.

At the premises of the Food Bank, in Santo António, and in the presence of dozens of partners of the institution, Anna Lenns, CEO of Nestlé, highlighted that the company she manages firmly believes in supporting local communities.

For her part, Ana Sousa, Regional Secretary for Inclusion and Youth, highlighted the importance of involving the business sector in social solidarity projects.

“Increasingly, in today’s society – in the face of economic challenges, the impositions of the international situation – it is necessary for our companies to assume their share of social responsibility, sharing part of their profits with society and with the most vulnerable people,” said the minister, in a speech where she also underlined the low levels of unemployment in Madeira. “It’s over 20 years since unemployment was this low,” she said.

Fátima Aveiro, director of the Food Bank of Madeira, emphasised the importance of the triad of State/companies/institutions and pointed out that it is the result of the contribution of the different parties that the Food Bank is able to undertake the work it does.

Regarding Nestlé, the bank’s long-time partner, Fátima Aveiro mentioned that after the pandemic there was an increase in aid and an expansion of the multinational company’s aid, something that this recent donation proves continues to happen today.

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