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Posts published in “Economy”

Election Results

For all those interested, here are the election results. With the PSD coalition not grabbing the majority of the votes as expected, other parties are now jostling to find out who will be the preferred partner(s) for the next four years.

Mercado do Lavradores

How do I say this…Madeira-Weekly is a Tourist/Resident information blog; we love our island and want to portray our home in a positive way. But once in a while, we receive a report that tourists are not being treated fairly in the popular “Mercado dos Lavradores” when paying for the…

Pisa da Luva

Tomorrow, the 11th of September, the Pisa da Uva will take place in the parish of Arco de São Jorge in collaboration with the Museum of Wine and Vine and the Institute of Embroidery Wine and Handicrafts of Madeira at the Museum of Wine and Vine (Museu do Vinho e da Vinha). 

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