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Fruit Heroes Returns

The Portuguese Association Against Childhood Obesity (APCOI)has confirmed that as of today, registration for the 'Heroes of the Fruit' project is open." This is the largest education initiative for healthy eating in Portugal," which in the last school year registered a record participation of 81,730 students.

Decriminalisation of Synthetic Drugs

Yolanda Chaves
Article | 29/08/2023 18:39
Miguel Alberquerque considers the decriminalization of synthetic drugs "a mistake" with social consequences, for public health and a factor of "total demotivation" for judicial and police officers.

Asked to comment on the validation of the law that decriminalizes synthetic drugs, the president of the Regional Government accuses the Constitutional Court of having an "anti-autonomist" behavior, certain that "all the options and decisions it makes are eminently centralist and anachronistic."

"Nothing surprises me. Anything that is against Madeira always comes from the Constitutional Court. Since the time of the Constitutional Commission, decisions have always been against Madeira. In this case, Madeira was not heard on a pertinent public health issue," Albuquerque said.

According to the official, the new synthetic drugs law will create "serious difficulties" for health and justice agents, questioning how it will be possible to assess "what is the criminalization of trafficking and what is mere consumption."

"How are they going to make the presumption of trafficking from a flagrante delicto? The individual can have 30/50 bags of product and will say that it is to be consumed at home ...", he says.

Although she was not heard, Miguel Albuquerque recalls that the Region made representations through the Legislative Assembly and its president.

The President of the Regional Government made these statements to journalists on a visit he made this afternoon to the premises of the company HSR Auto, recently installed in the Industrial Park of Santana.

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