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French Sailboat Carries Out Environmental Campaign

On the 25th of March French sailboat, Kraken, part of the French NGO ‘Wings of the Ocean’ will arrive in Madeira to carry out an environmental campaign with several local groups including ‘Ocean Devotion Madeira’.

The aim of the visit to develop actions and create a better understanding of the necessity of protecting coastal ecosystems from plastic pollution, and the causes and consequences of human impact on marine life.

The volunteers will sail around Madeira and try and access local associations, environmental activists, and political structures to carry out cleaning operations around the island’s coast, as well as participate in a youth awareness campaign during April.

Wings of the Ocean will join several partners including ‘Ocean devotion Madeira’, this being a hub of the Sustainable Ocean Alliance ( which was created last April by three marine biologists who want to conduct sea and environmental awareness campaigns.

The Kraken is a 42-metre sailboat, crewed by 30 voluntary sailors whose mission is to clean rubbish, mostly plastic, from coastal regions.

Samantha Gannon

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