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Posts published in “Nature”

New Canhas Reservoir

The new Canhas reservoir will benefit 358 farmers, irrigating an area of about 36 hectares. Susana Prada, Regional Secretary for the Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change, made it known during her visit to the site that the new reservoir represents an investment of 3 million euros, co-financed by PRODERAM,…

Dystopia Is Here

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has declared that humanity does not need "more warnings" about climate change, as "the dystopian future has already arrived," and called for "urgent action" to address it.

Pisa da Luva

Tomorrow, the 11th of September, the Pisa da Uva will take place in the parish of Arco de São Jorge in collaboration with the Museum of Wine and Vine and the Institute of Embroidery Wine and Handicrafts of Madeira at the Museum of Wine and Vine (Museu do Vinho e da Vinha). 

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