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142 Madeira Consorcio Meeting 13.4.2024

We met in the Gallery with a small group and saw: Why do we make war

by Hector Garcia (

The speaker, a psychologist, says that the urge to make war, is based on the male urge to have as much sex as possible to hand their genes on to the next generation. We humans underestimate the influence these basic, animalistic instincts have on our actions.

Wherever women are in power in a society, there are less aggressive actions happen against neighbours. Bangladesh has a female prime minister (Sheikh Hasina, and there is less upheaval, in the country.

But the group considered it to be more about domination of a rival group, not about sex, also to gain more resources (water, land, animals).

We talked about the German support for the Ukraine. Their Chancellor is careful not to escalate the tensions with Russia, by sending more powerful weapons to Ukraine. Indians and Nepalis are lured to Russia, and then sent to the front in the Ukraine as cannon fodder. Prison populations are hired to serve in the war, under the premise of a high salary and freedom after a certain time frame. Raping Ukrainian women, seems to be encouraged and a part of the pay.

Part of the Russian assets frozen in the EU will be given to Ukraine to help with the upkeep of the state, for weapons and salaries.

Russian Oligarchs, helped Putin come to power, now they are “suffering” because of his actions which caused sanctions imposed on them.  (Maybe there is a god?)

Gaza: Some members are watching news on Al -Jazeera because they are reporting from the Gaza Strip; other news outlets do now report from this area at all.

Sweden has a lot of problems with the Arab population. The Muslims keep their girls under lock and key, and their sons who have a natural urge to have sex, the attack and rape other women,

We also considered the hardships survivors in the EU had to go through to survive during and after the war. Millions of German women were raped by the Russians. Children who could steal coal from coal trains, would help their families survive. No urge to have sex or dominate at the time, survival comes before procreation.

The speaker has a point, we are more animalistic that we would like to be.

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