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Protest in Favour of Curral Das Freiras Cable Car

On Sunday, the 3rd of March, at 10:00, defenders of the Curral das Freiras cable car project will take to the streets, praising the importance of what they claim to be “the largest private investment and the best project for the growth of the rural economy” in the parish. Furthermore, the rally is being promoted on different social networks.

One of the main ‘advantages’ is the private investment of 47 million euros, which has motivated some to defend and challenge the protagonists of the project.  Many firmly believe that the cable car will provide greater local economic equality.

The economic and social development of Curral das Freiras and Jardim da Serra, which are seen as mandatory tourist spots, will create approximately 40 well paid jobs, along with indirect ones. The increase in visitors will lead to improved access and infrastructure in the area. In turn, this will create greater social stability, and strengthen cultural values such as local customs and gastronomy.  Equally as important, the project will create sustainable and sound environmental practices to protect local flora and fauna.

Samantha Gannon

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