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Quercus Complaint

The Regional Nucleus of Quercus da Madeira informs that it has filed a complaint with the Nature Protection Service (SEPNA) of the National Republican Guard.

This was referred to in a statement sent to the newsroom, in which Quercus takes the opportunity to “express its vehement repudiation, deep indignation, and sadness for the intervention recently carried out on the Caminho das Ginjas.”

“We consider that this was an indiscriminate deforestation of the marginal areas along the way, not safeguarding the native vegetation present that was mercilessly uprooted or damaged. Heather, beech, grape, foliage, and laurel trees – many of which still have the green protection net usually applied to the planted specimens – were felled, uprooted, partially buried, and piled up on the edges of the embankment, on the vegetation present there. Numerous specimens spared from deforestation were damaged in such an incomprehensible and unnecessary way that they appear to have been the target of vandalism!” Stated the President of the Nucleus.

In addition, Quercus says that “it is unbelievable that this scenario was produced by the Regional Secretariat for Agriculture and Environment! It is inconceivable that this “work” was accompanied (?) by the Institute whose mission is to conserve legally protected habitats and species! Which devastated the intervention area of a LIFE project, of which he was a partner, and whose maintenance he was obliged to maintain! What is this commitment and professionalism? How can we entrust it with the safeguarding of our greatest natural values? We are ashamed! Interventions like this have the opposite effect to what was intended – they promote the proliferation and expansion of invasive alien species. The “cleansing” is short-lived and the “control” is an illusion! The exposed clearing will be fertile ground for the rapid growth of broom and gorse (invasive) as native plants have been razed. If the cleaning and control of invasive plants are carried out in this way, the future will be theirs! You just don’t see who you don’t want to see… for some reason!”

Samantha Gannon

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