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PAN-Madeira Proposes Several New Nature Measures

As part of the World Environment Day celebrations, PAN-Madeira has presented some of its proposals for an effective preservation of nature and endangered species.

These measures aim to combat the predation of Laurissilva and the landscape of Curral das Freiras, limit the impact of light pollution on the environment, clean and preserve river and maritime water resources and encourage the self-production of renewable energy.

Taking these assumptions into account, PAN begins by suggesting to the regional parliament that it move forward with “the adoption of a legislative framework for Collective Self-Consumption and Renewable Energy Communities,” as well as suggesting that part of the PRR funds be allocated to the transition of domestic energy.

Secondly, the party also encourages the regulation and adoption of measures to combat the impact of light pollution on the environment. Saying:

“In Madeira, there is no correct assessment of the impact of light pollution or regulation, so we propose the creation of an interdisciplinary commission for the evaluation and presentation of proposals for the mitigation of light pollution and control of artificial light at night to mitigate the impacts of light pollution.”

PAN, also proposes the protection of migratory and wintering bird species, which cannot suffer disturbances during the rest period and must be subject to conservation measures essential for their preservation.

Another measure concerns the creation of rules that limit the possession, use and sale of artefacts that serve only for the capture of wild birds not subject to hunting exploitation, except when duly authorised for scientific or academic purposes. 

Furthermore, they believe measures should be introduced to stop the use of glyphosates, “as they are harmful to the environment” as well as a free transition from a diesel based fishing industry to an energy powered fleet. 

To these, they also want to prevent “environmental aggression (road construction, death of wood pigeons, construction of infrastructure, etc.) to create a balanced and sustainable living space for all living creatures.”

Samantha Gannon

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