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Canhas Cable Car to be Revamped

Célia Pessegueiro, Mayor of Ponta do Sol and PS candidate announced today that, “after several years of only transporting cargo and serving the needs of local farmers, the Canhas cable car will undergo a formal certification and upgrade which will allow it to be used to transport people as well as goods, making it a viable tourist attraction as well as a profitable enterprise. It is believed that the service, repair works, testing, and certification will cost in the region of 40,000 euros, and that the cable car could become a commercial viability from September onwards. 

The cable car, which connects the Outeiro site, in Canhas, to the Anjos area, was built in 2004, but remained unused for many years, that was until it was decided that it would be of use to the local farmers.  However, the cable car is irregularly serviced, and was brought into action without having any of the usual and essential serviceability tests or passenger certification.  Therefore, farmers have to load the cable car with their goods and then walk up the mountain side to pick up their produce!

So far, safety and rescue plans are in place, and all that is needed are for the simulation and cable tests to be carried out.

Célia Pessegueiro wants this to become profitable viability, through the promotion of the cable car as a tourist attraction, as passengers will be able to observe the farmers at work, and enjoy the local landscape and views.  Furthermore, she intends to improve the local facilities, through the creation of parking spaces, public toilets, municipal cleaning activities and other essential amenities. 

Samantha Gannon

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