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WHO – SARS-CoV-2 Virus Origins…..Unknown

The origins of the SARS-CoV-2 virus has been questioned ever since the world bowed to its tyranny and fear.  However, a new hypothesis about the virus’s origins will be be released by the World Health Organisation (WHO) on Monday the 16th of March.  This comes after the eagerly anticipated month long WHO inspection in Wuhan, China, the area where the virus is thought to have originated. Unfortunately, many  feel that this will be nothing more than a whitewash to appease critics, especially of China, as reports indicate that the families of the original SARS-CoV-2 victims were told not to speak to WHO personnel and were later given 670 euros as compensation for the loss of a loved one.

The investigation team, made up of 17 International scientists and 17 Chinese scientists, have at least agreed on one aspect, namely that Beijing has to be more forthcoming and transparent in its actions especially when it comes to telling the truth and information sharing. The Chinese government was also criticised over the amount of time it took them to agree for WHO teams to access installations and records, as the initial reports on the pneumonia outbreaks were smothered under Beijing’s contradictory statements.

However, the scientists have contradicted themselves, as many consider that the conspiracy theory concerning the virus was the result of a biological weapons leak are groundless, yet the virus has possibly, probably, more than likely originated in a laboratory that specialised in studying virus’s under a procedure called ‘gaming function,’ by which the molecular structure of a virus is manipulated to turn it into something far more deadly!

Furthermore, the likelihood of the virus transferring from animals to humans is becoming a more viable theory, and China’s swears blind they have found traces of it in farmed stinger-badger meat.  But this is just one in a long line of likely suspects, including bats, prawns, and now stinger-badgers, and the only thing that links them to being a possible carrier is that they belong to the Mink family, who are susceptible to the virus.  The National Health Commission remains unconvinced that the virus started through the consumption of contaminated meat, as no definite species has been identified as the primary cause.

Another unanswered question is when did the virus first come into being.  Although China did not report its first case of ‘unknown’ viral pneumonia until the 31st of December, it is believed that the virus was active from November 2019.

Finally, tests on sewage across Europe and the U.S.A. by the University of Barcelona suggest that the virus could have been present in Europe and the United States of America as early as March 2019. If this is the case, what triggered its sudden development?

So we are not really any closer to finding the truth, as many of the scientists agree that ‘scientific validity’ was compromised. The virus’s origins like that of aliens is surrounded in mystery, intrigue and conspiracy theories.  However, there is one cold hard fact in all this; while the world’s market’s have plummeted and lives have been destroyed, China’s International Trade market increased by 32% in February, make of that what you will!

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