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88,500 New Trees Planted

The Regional Secretary for Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change, Susana Prada, was at Montado da Esperança, parish of São Roque, today, the 11th of November, as the first of the 88,500 plants, shrubs and trees were planted as part of the reforestation of an area covering 45 hectares. These include leafy and indigenous species.

As Susana Prada explained, the work in progress “results from an investment of 538 thousand euros supported by PRODERAM and follows guidelines defined by PROFRAM – Regional Plan for Forestry in the Region. The reforestation will make it possible for the soil to become more absorbent, thus increasing water reserves; reduce soil erosion and the risk of flooding as well as absorbing Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere, as part of the island’s global warming reduction strategy.

The area, which has taken  a year to clear was badly affected by fires and the new planting will create fire breaks allowing greater access for firefighters and fire-fighting vehicles to the area.

Between 2019-2021, about 800 hectares of land (public and private) will be cleared, of which 570 hectares will be reforested.

The project is being supported by European Union Funds.

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