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Mission Continente Donates 320,000 Euros in Food

In the first quarter of 2024, Missão Continente donated more than 320 thousand euros in food and non-food surpluses to 36 social solidarity and animal support institutions in the Autonomous Region of Madeira. Furthermore, Missão Continente distributed more than 7.6 million euros in food and non-food products to 1033 social solidarity and animal support institutions across the country.

“In food surpluses alone, that is, all products that remain fit for consumption, despite no longer having commercial value, this support totaled more than 7 million euros, the equivalent of more than 2 million meals saved,” says Continente, in a press statement.

“Donated food items are considered surplus when they lose their commercial character, but preserve all the necessary conditions for safe consumption, avoiding food waste in a circular economy logic. These include fresh produce such as fruit, vegetables, groceries, and bakery items, among other food items, as well as, non-food items. These donations take place throughout the year, covering more than 350 Continente stores, located from north to south of the mainland and archipelagos.”

“The work of reusing and redistributing surpluses dates back to 1994 and, currently, there are hundreds of social solidarity institutions and animal welfare associations that are supported, as all Continente stores have partnerships with local institutions for the donation of their surpluses. These collections are made daily and, year after year, we have been expanding the number of benefited institutions, in order to strengthen our presence in the communities. In this way, Missão Continente supports those who need it most and creates one of the most efficient ways to combat food waste, reinforcing its role, as an active agent, in the creation of positive social value in the communities it supports”, explains Nádia Reis, Director of Brand Responsibility at Continente.

Last year, Missão Continente donated 30.8 million euros in food and non-food products to 1097 social solidarity institutions across the country. In food surpluses alone, this support totalled €27.4 million, equivalent to more than 7.8 million meals saved. In addition to regular donations to institutions, Missão Continente also provides food to its employees for consumption in the social areas of MC stores and warehouses.

Counting on the surpluses of the Continente, Entrepostos, Wells, ZU, Bagga, Go Natural, Continente LABS, and Note! The total donation represents more than €7.9 million.

Samantha Gannon

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