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Regional Government – Meetings in Progress

This afternoon, a meeting of those parties with parliamentary seats took place, with the objective of agreeing to the proposed Government programme, to be presented to the Legislative Assembly of Madeira.

In the noble hall of the Regional Government, on the side of the PSD negotiations, were Jaime Filipe Ramos, Rogério Gouveia, Jorge Carvalho, and Rui Abreu.

From the CDS-PP, a party that has an agreement with the Social Democrats, Sara Madalena, and Ricardo Vieira. Nuno Morna and Alicia Teixeira (IL), Mónica Freitas (PAN), and Miguel Castro (Chega) completed the table. A meeting where participants expressed their willingness to enter into dialogue even at this early stage.  Only the PS-m and the JPP refused to attend the meeting.

Nuno Morna (IL), left the idea that the moment served to define the methodology for the dialogue. “We have a posture, unlike others, of dialogue and of being able to listen to ourselves and others” with concessions to the mix.

Mónica Freitas (PAN), mentioned that it will not be through the PAN that the programme will not be approved. “This was a first conversation between all parties, she said, and believes that some sort of solution will have to be agreed on, stating that the current President is no longer a problem and stopped being so the moment he legitimately resumed power.

Ricardo Vieira (CDS-PP), emphasised that the initiative is valid with the Regional Government (GR) showing a willingness to “consensualise and create practical and concrete measures.”

Miguel Castro (Chega), has already admitted to making the Government programme feasible because he was “listened to for the first time.”

“We started this whole process with the PSD, in a very altruistic way, saying that it already had the endorsement of all parties and all political forces to form a government, when it was not true.” But now he sees “a sign of some inflection, of some concession,” which he considers positive as he sees an opportunity for Chega to approve its measures.

PSD Maintains Hope

Jaime Filipe Ramos (PSD), made a positive assessment of the meeting, although he couldn’t resist a few well executed barbs at the opposition. “Five out of seven parties, which have parliamentary seats, are available for dialogue. There are only two parties that do not want to respect democracy,” he recalled, while Jorge Carvalho concluded that the meeting provided hope for the future.

Meetings continue later this week but at a higher level with each party. PAN and IL will be heard this Wednesday and, on Thursday Chega and CDS-PP will attend a more specific scheduled meeting.

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