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Abandoned Mother Cat and Kittens

A cruel case of abandonment of a mother cat, and her three kittens has created outrage. Without specifying the place where the family was abandoned, a resident has ranted that the poor creatures were left to their fate by a rubbish bin without any food or water.

Luckily, she phoned one of the animal protection agencies and they collected the desperate family and placed them in their protection.

The resident not only denounces the illegality of the act but also the cruelty of abandoning an animal that has become dependent on humans for its survival.

This is yet another case of cruel treatment of animals, they denounced, calling for justice to penalise those who engage in such behaviour against animals.

Although we have not been advised of which animal sanctuary they have gone to, if anyone can help an animal in distress and provide it with the love and care it deserves please contact one of the many sanctuaries on the island.  I rescued a dying kitten from the side of the road 13 months ago and my parents who feed all the waifs and strays that come into their garden have been adopted by a four-month-old kitten, who they’ve named Teddy. Once Teddy is old enough he will be neutered, have his injections, and snooze on the sofa.

Samantha Gannon

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