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Festa da Sé Comes To Town

The Festas da Sé will liven up the heart of the city of Funchal between the 31st of May and the 9th of June, between Praça do Município and the Cathedral.  The entertainment programme will comprise close to 40 performances involving around 200 participants and 22 groups.

The event organised by the Funchal City Council, was presented this afternoon in the Noble Hall of the CMF. The festival aims to bring as many people as possible into the city centre, as this will be one of the first of the summer parties.  These, said a CMF spokesperson boost local economies and cultural diversity.

The Sé Festivities will run through the main arteries of the city centre, namely Rua dos Ferreiros, Rua do Bispo, Rua da Queimada de Cima and Rua da Queimada de Baixo, Rua João Tavira, Largo do Chafariz, also spreading to Travessa do Forno and Rua do Aljube.

The musical entertainment will take in some of the most historic streets within the city centre, with performances taking place at 17:30 during the weekdays and 13:00 during the weekends.

At the presentation of the programme, Cristina Pedra, Mayor of Funchal, praised the municipality’s investment in local artists, indicating that the city council is committed to “dignifying art” and “providing conditions” so that workers in this sector “can create art as a profession.”

She further stated that local commerce has benefited from a series of initiatives promoted by the CMF, not only financial but also a dynamisation of cultural and artistic events that take place throughout the year. Commercial establishments, she pointed out, will have an “active part” in this event, by serving various traditional snacks.

The mayor also highlighted the number of groups contracted for this edition, which increased from 12 in 2022, 17 in 2023 to 22 in 2024.

The investment in this initiative is around 28 thousand euros.

The opening of the Sé Festivities takes place this Friday, at 17:30.

Programme of Sé Festivities:

Day: 31-05-2024

5:30 p.m. – Bolo do Caco Theater;

– Funchal District Band – The Guerrillas.

7:30-8:30 p.m. – Folklore Group of C.C. Santo António

21h00-23h00 – Buzico


13h00-14h00 – Eduard Cojocaru

– Miguel Dantas

17h30-18h30 – Boa Nova Folklore and Ethnographic Group

19h00-20h00 – MonteVerde Folklore Group

8:30-11:00 p.m. – Mariachi Mexico Madeira

Day 02-06-2024

13h00-14h00 – Susana Abrantes Duo

– Eduard Cojocaru

17h30-18h30 – Folklore Group of C.C. Santo António

19h00-20h00 – XaMa Brass Band

20h00-22h00 – Estrondilha

Day 03-06-2024

17h30-18h30 – Dry Kites

19h00-20h00 – Band of Funchal Artists

20h00-22h00 – Wood Earring


17h30-19h30 – Teatro Bolo do Caco

20h00-22h00 – Buzico

Day 05-06-2024

17h30-18h30 – Boa Nova Folklore and Ethnographic Group

19h00-20h00 – Santo António Philharmonic Band

20h00-22h00 – MonteVerde Folklore Group

Day 06-06-2024

17h30-19h30 – Teatro Bolo do Caco

20h00-22h00 – Student

Day 07-06-2024

17h30-18h30 – Dry Kites

19h00-20h00 – Wood Earring

20h00-22h00 – Tuna D’Elas

Day 08-06-2024

13h00-14h00 – Susana Abrantes

– Miguel Dantas

17h30-18h30 – Câmara de Lobos Orchestral Band “Os Infantes”

19h00-20h00 – Duo of Two

20h00-22h00 – TUMa

Day 09-06-2024

13h00-14h00 – Susana Abrantes Duo

– Eduard Cojocaru

17h30-19h30 – Meeting of Folklore Groups

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