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Softbox Audit Necessary

The Ministry of Defence’s request to investigate ‘Softbox Madeira,’ who are operating out of the Madeira Free Trade Zone has left the Regional Secretary of Economy, Rui Barreto, in a bit of a dither, leaving him to admit that ‘he didn’t really know anything about the case.’

Rui Barreto said that companies based at the International Business Centre obey very strict regulations and naturally sees the the Ministry of Defence request as a ‘clarification’ exercise.

It should be recalled that the Ministry of Defence, led by Nuno Melo, requested yesterday, as a matter of urgency and “for reasons of transparency and in defence of the supreme interest of the State” an inspection of the company Softbox Madeira.

“What I do know is that the companies that are based in the perimeter of the International Business Centre, in Madeira, are companies that are scrutinized, not only by regional, but also national and European bodies,” said the minister.

“If there is any doubt, if you persist in doing an inspection, an audit of the company, that’s fine. It is a moment of clarification. It will certainly be important so that there are no doubts, but all the companies that are here are licensed and have to comply with a strict set of regulations,” he concluded.

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