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Airport Constraint Compensation Fund – A Possibility!

It will not be during this term in government, nor is it even decided whether even the plan will move forward. But, the President of the Regional Government admits the possibility of creating a fund to meet the costs caused by the inoperability of the Madeira International Airport during bad weather.

This is his answer when asked about a proposal defended by businessman David Caldeira, during a programme called Face to Face, aired on Antena 1, where he suggested the creation of a tourist eco-tax to cope with these situations.

Miguel Albuquerque stressed that nothing is defined or negotiated, nor is it on the table for now. It is a possibility for the next government programme, which can be sustained as a form of a fee, such as the collection of entrance fees to tourist spaces or provision of services. The hypothesis aims to relieve the costs of air operations affected by bad weather and, moving forward, will have to involve various sectors and bodies such as ANA.

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