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Madeira Airport Radar Process – Satisfactory

The Permanent Specialised Committee on Economy, Finance and Tourism met this afternoon with the Regional Secretary for Tourism and Culture, Eduardo Jesus, in order to clarify issues related to the “Financing of the conclusions of the Working Group for the study of Air Operation Problems in the  Madeira Archipelago”.

2011 Aircraft Bird Strike Could Have Ended in Catastrophe

A report recently released by media outlet Correio da Manhã, stated that a bird strike on an aircraft as it took off from Madeira International Airport in 2011 resulted in a lower cargo door malfunction (the door sprung open), which could have led to a 'catastrophic failure' resulting in the death of all 105 passengers and 7 crew members on board a SATA flight leaving Madeira for Copenhagen. 

Airport Chaos

With a total of twenty-five arrivals and departures yesterday, Madeira International Airport and its employees were under pressure, especially as seven flights arrived in the space of an hour.    

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