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OPPAM State Curral das Freiras Cable Car Unnecessary

The Observatory of Landscapes and Panoramas of the Madeira Archipelago (OPPAM) denounces the “impertinent interference in the landscape quality of Madeira,” in relation to the cable car project in Curral das Freiras.

“The uniqueness and monumentality of the natural landscape of this part of the island is priceless, much less can be said for the unspeakable private commercial interests supported by public money from the region and European Union,” says the observatory in a statement sent to the newsroom, noting that its only interest is the “preservation of the Madeiran landscape.”

“The project of the cable car of Curral das Freiras is unnecessary and unjustified. This association cannot ignore the recent statements by the President of the Regional Government that once the cable car is installed it can be mounted and disassembled, and therefore does not present a serious problem. Instead of reacting to the needs of the people and the environment, he is using public interest to strengthen his argument.”

Equal to its environmental impact is the notion that a piece of metal suspended on a wire can easily be mounted and disassembled! It reminds me of a Dave Allen sketch when he was talking about inflatable jackets in the event of an emergency. He didn’t want “top up, he wanted stay up!”

Samantha Gannon

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