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PAN Presents New Ideas to Improve Funchal

Using the media as a platform, political party, PAN-Madeira presented eight solutions for the municipality of Funchal, based on consultation work carried out with the city’s population.

With regard to security, the party proposes the creation of the Municipal Police, considering that “we cannot have places in our city given to drug dealers, consumers or where it is dangerous to walk, drive or even park, Furthermore, we need to fight the current scourge of alcohol and drug addition on our city streets.”

In order to combat the demographic winter, the proposal put forward is to “give effective support to birth rates,” namely through the free manuals for the 1st to 12th year of schooling and the creation of the Knowledge Hub with associated residence for students from outside the municipality. .

With regard to mobility, the negotiation with the regional government for the introduction of free transport in Funchal, in order to reduce the number of cars entering the city and reduce atmospheric pollution is the solution suggested by the PAN, who also defends the application of the project, PAN “Creative City” to recover the urban fabric.

“The urban fabric cannot continue to contain houses in ruins next to buildings, which are next to houses in blocks, others red, some white and others blue. It is urgent to divide the city into areas and invite architecture studios to propose projects to have a city full of charm, which includes both living and green spaces.”

For Funchal to be an environmentally healthy city, the measure presented is the implementation of the ‘Reflorestar’ project. “The city is turning grey, it is important to develop a reforestation project that allows the introduction of animals, reducing temperatures and returning Funchal to a co-existent environment.”

Further proposals include the implementation of the “Cidade Viva” projects, in order to support amateur sports, culture and leisure for all, in order to allow Funchalenses to return to their city, and “Funchal – solar city of the Atlantic,” where, using funds from the PRR all municipal buildings would  use solar energy.

Finally, PAN, he proposes the advancement of the “Funchal Knows” initiative, which focuses on education and continuous training. “Funchal must assert itself as an innovative city, open to knowledge and where all children count.”

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