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Praia dos Reis Magos Closure Causes Outrage

“We are facing another new ban – something that, unfortunately, is already becoming usual in this Praia dos Reis Magos – with highly negative impacts on the tourist image of the parish and the Region, but also with clear losses for bathers and for the entire economy. This environmental attack being an example of the lack of care and incompetence with which the JPP Executive has governed the municipality of Santa Cruz since 2013,” criticised the Social Democrats of Caniço in a statement today, referring to today’s beach closure, which saw the Maritime police preventing all swimming and diving activities in the locality.

The PSD voiced their dissatisfaction with the municipalities actions, accusing them of ‘negligence and contempt” towards the whole parish of Caniço, and bathers in general.

A situation that, as social democrat Bruno Camacho underlines, “is unacceptable and requires a complete solution,” all the more so when it becomes recurrent, without effective measures being taken by those responsible for the matter, as in this case, the municipality of Santa Cruz. An Executive who, he adds, “has been governing the destinies of the county for nine years, but instead of finding solutions, limit themselves to attributing blame to the past, taking refuge in arguments that do not solve the problems and that only harm, each time more and more, the Municipality and its people.”

Indeed, recalls Bruno Camacho, “many of the bans that have occurred in recent times, derived from discharges, also show a total incompetence and lack of sensitivity on the part of those who should pay special attention to this bathing area,” discharges that, incidentally, have been witnessed by bathers themselves, and therefore action should be taken to prevent the pollution of the islands waters, not simply banning people from using them, because it is a cheaper and easier option!”

“Reis Magos Beach is one of the most important in the municipality and in the Region.  it is a place of excellence and enormous natural wealth and cannot continue to be the target of the environmental attacks that usually arise while the Chamber resolves nothing. Caniço and its inhabitants deserve better!”

Samantha Gannon

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