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Students Collect 10 KG of Rubbish

Fourth grade students from a Caniço school went out last week on a local street and garden cleaning operation.  During the two hour environmental activity, students managed to collect almost 10 kilos of rubbish, with a majority of the waste being cigarette butts. 

In a joint statement:

“The children came to the conclusion that it is important for smokers to be aware that cigarette butts take years to decompose in nature, pollute the sea, causing unnecessary suffering and death to marine animals. And as such, the students are appealing to the local authority for the placement of ‘eco-points’ in the main streets and gardens of Caniço.”

This environmental initiative is part of the school’s educational project and is in line with the Eco-Escolas and Escola Azul programme.

Samantha Gannon

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