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Our Oceans Are in Danger!

In a recent statement, PAN-Madeira, warns of the dangers that lurk in our oceans which must be tackled, as “our oceans are the origin of all life on the planet – and they are in danger!”

The unprecedented rise in sea levels and the warming of waters caused by climate change are on the list of negative impacts predicted in the most recent United Nations (UN) reports. By the end of the century, more seas could increase in temperature, become more acidic and lifeless, which will have tremendous implications not only for marine life, for populations that inhabit coastal areas, for the climate on our planet, and for millions of people whose lives will be affected by extreme weather events.

PAN understands that after decades in which human beings have exercised a careless and predatory attitude towards the oceans, times of respect for the cradle of life, for the preservation of ecosystems must be adopted.  This is only possible through education and respect for all life, not only in our lifetimes but for generations to come.  This is our time to do everything in our power to contribute to ‘Life on Earth.’

And because immediate and transformative action is needed to prevent the UN warning from becoming a reality, PAN proposes various approaches such as a ban plastics, reduce the consumption of overfished fish species, not allow cruise ships who do not follow recognised ecological practices dock in Madeira,  as well as promoting a clear and determined public transport policy that uses free renewable energy, as well as supporting meritorious projects such as Escola Azul and Escola do Mar, among other things.

With these proposals, PAN underlines the importance of preserving biodiversity and protecting the oceans from plastic and microplastic pollution.

Samantha Gannon

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