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Calhau da Lapa Closed Indefinitely

After carrying out a new inspection of Calhau da Lapa to re-analyse the stability of the eastern slope and determine the state of the escarpment, the Ribeira Brava City Council has decided to close, for an indefinite period, the entire area of ​​Calhau da Lapa, after a massive fractured and decompressed area was recently identified. 

According to a press release issued by the municipality, “the rock massif presents relief and morphological characteristics that do not meet the necessary safety conditions, and that landslides and rock falls are a persistent danger due to the instability of the surrounding area.”

Thus, “taking into account the influx of people and the many vacationers looking for this space to go for a swim, especially in the summer months, Mayor, Ricardo Nascimento, today decreed that the whole area is closed and this includes: circulation, permanence of people or use for any purpose or activity, including access, crossing or movement on foot of the area.”

In view of this situation, the Municipality will also proceed to cut off the existing public electricity supply to the area as of the 6th of June. They also ask for everyone’s understanding and compliance with the new health and safety rulings.’

A couple of comments on a previous article, suggested that there were still people living in the caves within the area, and if there are these new measures could have a significant impact on them.  Now of course this could be sensationalism, but cave dwelling in Madeira is nothing new.

Samantha Gannon

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