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Ecology Club Debates The Importance of Pollinating Insects

The Francisco Franco Secondary School, Barbusano Ecology Club, recently held a lecture on “The importance of pollinating organisms in the balance of ecosystems.”

According to a statement, speaker Isabel Gonçalves, from the Natural History Museum of Funchal, approached this issue from different perspectives, starting by explaining the importance of pollination in the continuity of plant species, highlighting the role that pollinating organisms play in this process and the varied group of organisms that perform this function, from insects, especially bees and butterflies, to bats, birds, reptiles, and other animals.

She also went on to discuss the many adaptations that plants and pollinating organisms have acquired to facilitate cross-pollination as the world changes. Furthermore, she discussed factors that are now threatening all of these species, which include climate change, fires, urbanisation and how measures need to be taken to protect and preserve Madeira’s natural pollinators.

During the debate period, it was asked whether there is any entity on Madeira Island that is carrying out studies to monitor the populations of these organisms, taking into account their importance in maintaining the balance of ecosystems.

It would appear that no answer was given!

However, we can all do our bit, as even areas of scrubland can contain and support a massive insect eco-system. Weeds are simply flowers in disguise, so treat them kindly.

Samantha Gannon

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