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Sidraria of São Roque do Faial Opens in 2022

The President of the Regional Government announced this morning that, next year, he will open the Sidraria of São Roque do Faial, and after that, another one in Prazeres.

During his visit to the first cider factory in the region, Santo da Serra Cider (Sidraria do Santo da Serra) this morning, Miguel Albuquerque further revealed that the Region has already processed 60 tons of pears and apples, and that 35,000 litres of cider have already been produced.   

He also explained that this is a “specific” cider, made with regional products, and has already been awarded a quality certification.

According to Regina Santos, responsible for Sidraria do Santo da Serra, the goal is to promote Madeira’s cider as a serious contender within the global cider market.  

According to the Great British Chefs website, cider was probably first brewed using crab apples by the Celts in 3000 BCE.  However, it wasn’t until the Romans invaded, that apple cultivars and orcharding techniques were brought to England.

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