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Quinta Pedagógica da Camacha Inaugurated on 31st of August

On Tuesday, the 31st of August, the Quinta Pedagógica da Camacha, located in Nogueira will be inaugurated.  This private project, has been created by Andreia Jesus and Bruno Santos, two animal and nature lovers, who want to create a more traditional and environmentally and animal friendly feel to the island.

This environmentally friendly farm, intends to offer an intergenerational experience of rural Camacha, as an opportunity to develop various activities to promote interaction between parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, as well as seeking to preserve a traditional environment where visitors can learn about agriculture, livestock, gardening and handicrafts.  Furthermore, the farm will create a tourist opportunity for the town and its people.

The initiative uses a circular economy concept, based on reduction, reuse, recovery and recycling of materials and energy, giving a new lease of life to materials that are no longer useful in a linear economy. This through an integrated process, will show how farmers using a pedagogical perspective can reduce their carbon footprint, by reusing old construction materials, restoring unused and damaged furniture, using pine extract as mushroom fertilizer and coffee granules as an all purpose soil dressing.

Comprising of 6,000 m2 the Quinta Pedagógica da Camacha comprises of several gardens, small animal areas and eateries.

1st PHASE, to be inaugurated on the 31st of August:

– Master José’s garden

– The Orchard of the Quinta;

– Strawberry fields

– Gardens of Aromatic and Medicinal Plants;

– The gardens of Maria da Conceição;

– The Thursday market

– The wishing well;

– The farmhouse cabin;

– Farm animals, (with more than 100 small animals ranging from laying hens, field chickens, turkeys, Brahma chickens, silky chickens, cordonize, guinea fowl, parakeets, cockatiels, guinea pigs, fish.)

2nd PHASE (Scheduled 11/30/2021) 3,500 m2

– Stables and pastures for goats, sheep;

– Meadows;

– Arts Workshops (Craft Workshops);

– Farm kitchens (set consisting of bakery, sweets and cheese);

– The Casa do Tio Aires (rural accommodation);

– O Palheiro (rural accommodation);

– The Tea House, Restaurant and Gourmet Shop;

– Beekeeping

This is a must for anyone who wants to experience and enjoy a rural and traditional Madeira.

Samantha Gannon

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