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Tourist Market is Growing Exponentially

The President of the Regional Government announced today that Madeira currently has an average floating (tourist) population of around 37 thousand people, and that between the 1st of July 2020 and the 29th of July 2021, 609,000 people entered Madeira. Which, according to Miguel Albuquerque’ means that the tourism market is growing exponentially. Therefore, he said, all current pandemic health and safety measures will be maintained to safeguard public health.

While talking to journalists, the President continued by saying that the situation in China and Japan is a warning to everyone, and that nothing can be taken for granted until the whole population has been vaccinated. And as such, no changes, if any, will take place until the end of September, but everything will depend on the island’s vaccination progress.

As the Flower Festival is scheduled for October, the President stated that the Regional Government hopes to have 80% of the population immunised by then.

With regards to Porto Santo, he said that there are two active chains of infection, but that these are under control.

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