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Protected Wood Pigeons Should NOT Be Slaughtered

PAN Madeira (People, Animals and Nature Party), have expressed their concern today, regarding the Regional Secretary for Environment decision to promote the slaughter of Trocaz pigeons due to their destructive nature. 

In a statement, PAN Madeira stated that” the species is endemic to Madeira Island, and because of the importance of protecting wildlife species, it is included in Annex I of the Birds Directive and in Annex III of the Berne Convention, reiterating that the promotion of killing a bird genus is not a sustainable solution to preserve the different species that share the territory of the Autonomous Region of Madeira with us.”

The party understands that it is the responsibility of the Regional Secretary for the Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change (SRAAC), to find mechanisms that protect the Trocaz pigeon and farmers, and that they understand the problems many of the island’s farmers face, but what they cannot support, is the persecution and wholesale slaughter of a protected species.

Concluding, they said that they understand that there are alternatives that protect farmers and their crops without harming the birds, and that it is now up to the SRAAC and the Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation (IFNC) to promote new innovative measures that will protect both the pigeon and agricultural crops.  

Samantha Gannon

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