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Curfew Will Remain in Place

The President of the Regional Government has confirmed that the 1 am curfew will remain in place, as it is an important measure to guarantee the safety of the population, and it will not be lifted anytime soon.

He went on to say that “people have to live in a climate of security, and the measures we have taken are progressive, as a result of the pandemic. People have accepted the curfew, they continue to work, they can socialise, go out to dinner, so they don’t need to walk about in the middle of the night.”

When asked about the switch from mandatory PCR tests to Rapid Antigen Tests (TRAg), Miguel Albuquerque said that the Regional Governments hopes to save a ‘couple of million’,  but these savings will only have any effect from the 1st of July.  “We are going to save some money, but that’s not the issue,” he assured reporters. “The issue is to focus on public health. We will see how the situation evolves on the continent, especially in Lisbon, because we need to be extra careful. If the situation worsens outside the Region, this measure can be reversed, and we can extend the deadline regarding the requirement of the PCR test.”

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