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Posts tagged as “madeira”

Visit to Civil Protection – 1 of 4

We ( visited the Civil Protection Centre in Cancela (SRPC) ( The presentations Dr. Quintino gave us a basic presentation, and his colleague André showed us the functionalities in the Crisis Centre Room. Then the pilots and crew presented themselves next to the helicopter for us (we don’t need Tom…

135 Madeira Consorcio Excursion 18.5.2023

The Consorcio group ( visited with a small group in Porto Novo at the Recycling and Triage station Estação de Transferência da Zona Leste e de Triagem da Madeira (ETZL/ET) ( The recycling service on the island (including P Santo) consists of three plants:  recycling/triage in  Este: Meia Legua/Ribeira Brava,…

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