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Please Release Me – Covid Restrictions Eased

The President of Madeira has announced a new set of measures that will take effect as of tomorrow and next Monday, the 2nd of May. 

As of tomorrow the 27th. 

1 – Shows, cultural events, conferences can be held with a capacity of up to 50% of the space, keeping the distance rules in force.

In relation to these events, breaks will not be allowed, in order to avoid gatherings.

2 – Homes – as of tomorrow, the permission for (2) two visits per user (per week) is maintained, extending the duration of the visit up to one hour.

3 – Residents, students and emigrants – who enter the Region by air

The double test is maintained on the 5th day, suspending the need for prophylactic isolation between the 2 (two) tests.

This rule also applies to Porto Santo , by air and by sea, maintaining the double testing on the 5th day, but also suspending prophylactic isolation.

From 00 (zero) hours of May 2 (Sunday) the mandatory curfew in effect is changed

From that day on, all activities and establishments are closed at 22.00hrs, and the curfew takes effect between 23.00hrs and 05.00hrs in the morning, including weekends. Only essential activities already known are exceptions.

1 – Catering – closing at 10 pm, seating up to 50%, distance measures, five people per table inside and outside.

2 – Bars – closing at 22.00 Hours, capacity up to 50%, distance measures, prohibited drinking at the counter or standing, inside or on the terraces, five people per table inside or outside.

3 – Weddings and baptisms

50% of the capacity of the space that can be used, respecting the protection and distance rules in force.

5 (five) people per table inside and outside.

4 – Supermarkets and commercial stores

Capacity up to 50% and maintenance of basic protection measures.

5 – Gyms

Up to 50% of the occupancy and group classes are allowed inside up to five people.

6 – Worship Spaces

The rules in force are maintained

7 – Sports

The senior teams’ sports competition with participation in Regular National Championships is allowed, in the sports infrastructures of RAM.

The resumption of sports practice, in the context of training and competition, of the various echelons of all low risk federated modalities is authorized.

8 – Public Service and Citizen Store

As of the 3rd of May, all the services and bodies of the Regional Public Administration, AT-RAM (09.00 Hours – 17.30 Hours) and the Citizen’s Madeira Store (Monday to Friday 08.30 Hours – 19.30 Hours; Saturday 08.30 Hours – 13.30 hours) return to their normal operating hours.

Although this is the applicable general principle, each Regional Secretariat should, in this first phase of returning to normality, try to adjust the hours of entry and exit of the totality of its workers, in order to minimize their simultaneous presence on the organism’s premises and also avoid the excessive concentration of workers during normal entry and exit times.

9 – Games of Fortune or Chance, Casinos, Bingo or Similar – will be able to operate until 22.00 hours.

10 – Vehicles used in the performance of tourism activities, carried out by tourist entertainment companies or travel and tourism agencies may carry 100% of their capacity, if all occupants have been vaccinated or are recovered from the disease COVID-19. Otherwise, the 2/3 limit remains.

The same rule applies to the activity of maritime tour operators.

11 – Bathing Complexes

The general rules of physical distance, protection and hygiene of spaces are maintained.

The changing rooms, indoor showers and drinking fountains remained closed, as well as the limitation in the capacity of the bathing complexes

This bathing season we will reopen the swimming pools and playgrounds, sports infrastructure, equipment and floating platforms, the use of which will be naturally conditioned and subject to the good practices recommended by the health authorities. 

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