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Ponta do Pargo Golf Course

While talking to journalists, Pedro Fino, the Regional Secretary for Equipment and Infrastructure recently announced that the Regional Government will launch, this year, a new tender for the concession and development of the Ponta do Pargo golf course.

In his statement he said: “We are going to launch a new tender later this year, we are working on that. It is also part of one of the projects for the development of the parish of Ponta do Pargo and we also intend to make the most of the investment that has already been made in the past and finish the work already undertaken.  The tender will also include a real estate development component.”

Of course, the question that many people are asking is do we need another private golf course, as we already have three, if you include Porto Santo. The answer in all effect is no, but what hasn’t been explored is the possible need for a ‘public golf course’ where everyone can take part.  At a time when the divide between the have’s and the have not’s is becoming ever wider, a public golf course will take away its stigma of being elitist, while allowing Madeiran families an opportunity to take part in a sporting event they can all share in, and provide adult, young adults and children with a different sporting opportunity.

Furthermore, a public golf course will provide employment opportunities for the local area, as well as create a feeling of inclusion rather than exclusion.  And who knows, Madeira may have a yet undiscovered Tiger Woods hailing from Ribeira Brava or Câmara do Lobos.

Samantha Gannon

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