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Restrictive Measures Are Working

The Regional Secretary of Health and Civil Protection, Pedro Ramos considers the request made by the Mayor of Porto Santo to shorten the curfew and extend the opening hours of catering and commerce, given the lack of cases on the island, to be “natural.” Agreeing that several municipalities in the region including Porto Moniz, Santana, and Calheta have no recorded active cases, while a further five parishes are considered at low to moderate risk, he considers that the measures currently in place are working, and will remain as they are.

Supporting his stance in maintaining the curfew he said: “We cannot take the risks that we previously took, look at what happened then!  As the President of the Regional Government announced, these measures are to be maintained. “

Although many still agree with the curfew, others question why the curfew is at 6 pm at the weekends, when it is 7 pm during the week.  Even virus’s, as clever as they are, are unable to tell the time!

Samantha Gannon

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