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New Public Lighting 200,000 Euros Cheaper

The Funchal City Council (CMF) has released a statement to the effect that since 2016, the replacement and modernisation of the public lighting network of several streets, paths, alleys, and social districts managed by the Municipality, including Bairro do Hospital, Bairro da Quinta Josefina and Bairro da Nazaré, which has resulted in the replacement of more than a 1,000 lights with new LED lighting systems, has reduced the municipality’s energy bill by €200,000.

CMF President, Miguel Silva Gouveia, confirmed that the lighting replacement project, which is in joint partnership with the Madeira Electricity Company, will be extended to other parts of the city. He went on to say that through continued effort and upgrading of the city’s street lighting we will continue to see savings in the municipality’s energy bills. The lifetime of a new LED lamp is 100 thousand hours, which equates to 20 years of average use.

Miguel Silva Gouveia concluded that the financial, environmental and sustainable benefits of LED technology has convinced the CMF to plan and budget for a new way of lighting the city’s streets.  And this, alongside the CMF’s commitment to sustainability and the 2012 Pact of Mayors, will place Funchal at European levels with regards to energy efficiency and good sustainability practices.

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