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Food Aid Provided by Santa Cruz Municipality

The Municipality of Santa Cruz is currently supporting 72 families who are in quarantine or recovering from Covid-19, as part of their support programme for families who have been seriously affected by the virus within the municipality.

In a press statement, a municipality representative stated that they are “aware of the difficulties and fears that families in isolation can experience. As part of their support programme the Municipality provides food aid where possible through the provision of food baskets and the collection of medicines, when this is necessary. Furthermore, those that have requested help are, in the main, isolated and vulnerable families, with several members of the same household in confinement and / or in prophylactic isolation, with limited financial resources and facing fear of further ostracisation within the community.

Other families, however, have refused additional support, stating that they have a network of partners, family and friends” and we applaud them as it allows us to concentrate on the most vulnerable.

This is an ongoing programme.

Samantha Gannon

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