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CMF Delivers 3,000 Baskets of Food

In May, the Funchal City Council (CMF) launched its ‘Funchal, Cabaz Vital’ initiative, which was designed to support those affected by the pandemic with regular baskets of food and essential goods. By the end of August, the Municipality had delivered 3,110 baskets, representing a municipal investment of around €62,000.

Mayor Miguel Silva Gouveia applauded the CMF’s efforts, saying that ‘in less than four months of operation, the CMF has already supported a total of 10,410 people, which is very representative of the real difficulties that families are facing in the first months of the islands socio-economic crisis. Since its inception, the Chamber’s mission has been to be there for the people of Funchal, safeguarding their living conditions, helping them as well as honouring the social matrix that has guided the governance of this municipal Executive.

When questioned by reporters, the Mayor said that he had no doubts that as the situation evolves it will be essential to continue to provide the people of Funchal with a network of social support, allowing the maintenance of decent living conditions, from food to housing, health facilities and access to education. The role of a Mayor, he said, is one of closeness and involvement within the community, and as such we will be present, now more than ever, regardless of what the future holds. The citizens of Funchal can count on the CMF being at their side, as together we face the challenges of an uncertain future.”

The food baskets are provided free of charge and on request, either by emailing or by phoning 291 214 083, Monday to Saturday, between 9 am and 12 pm.  All those wishing to receive help must give a reason for their loss of income.

Deliveries are made by the Municipality, on a first come, first served basis, between 12 noon and 5 pm, and transportation is also free. The Municipality delivers one basket per month to families comprising three people, and two baskets for families of more than three family members.

The baskets are made up of seasonal fruit and vegetables, aromatic herbs and eggs.

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