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Our Citizens Need Support

The deputy of the Socialist-Madeira Party to the Assembly of the Republic, Marta Freitas, visited the Food Bank Against Hunger facilities in Madeira today, the 15th of June, to view and discuss the work carried out by the institution since its creation, especially during the currant pandemic.  During her visit, she took the opportunity to discuss the roles of the Food Bank, and gain a better understanding of the challenges facing many of Madeira’s and Porto Santo’s citizens.  

Talking to reporters after her visit, she stressed the importance continuing the social support measures for the citizens of both islandsShe went on to highlight the measures that the Government of the Republic has adopted to meet the economic and social difficulties of the people, resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, and to prevent the transmission of the disease.  She stressed that lay-off support for families, especially those with children aged between 6 and 12 years of age would continue until the end of the academic yearIn addition, support for the self-employed and those with bank credit defaults are ‘examples’ of the measures taken to assist Portuguese citizens, including Madeirans and Porto-Santense’s, which provide a measure of economic stability for some families.  

Moreover, she stressed that it is important to continue to implement measures in support of families and for the protection of employment, not least because despite the lack of definition notwithstanding a gradual resumption of economic activity, we are not in a situation where vulnerable citizens, especially those with families, can survive without financial assistance. 

 Samantha Gannon

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