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New Campaign for Over 55’s

The new Madeira destination campaign is now specifically targeting people aged 55 and over.

“In 2023, Madeira launched the “Live Madeira in Full” campaign, for the national market, and the “Experience Madeira for yourself” derivation for international markets. This campaign, which is still active, is based on the assumption that Madeira has everything – mountains, sea, culture – and is a destination for everyone, all year round. Aware of the difficulty of demonstrating all this in an advertisement, the Promotion Association decided to create a campaign with a disruptive concept, subverting the principles of tourism promotion, by admitting that no experience other than being in Madeira and Porto Santo in the first person is true.”

“Now, Madeira goes further by considering the needs of its various audiences, expanding the segmentation with specific content within the scope of the campaign. It thus adapts them to travellers aged between 55 and 65, responding to the needs and preferences of this age group.

The adaptation of this campaign underlines the commitment of the destination and its communication strategy to reinforce what is the signature of the Madeira brand, based on the feeling of belonging – ‘Madeira Belongs to All.’

This approach and segmentation aims to directly impact the target in question, considering their needs and aspirations, and highlighting experiences that are in line with their interests.

Samantha Gannon

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