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Regional Government: No Pressure Was Applied

“It can never be the Representative of the Republic who draws political consequences.” Ireneu Barreto clarifies that he was not pressured by anyone and stresses that he was guaranteed stability for the minority government of Albuquerque, noting that “there were those who had changed,” in an allusion to the position of the parties during the first hearings, after the elections.

The Representative of the Republic for the Region, Ireneu Barreto, made a point of, on the sidelines of the anniversary of the GNR, clarifying the current political issue, expressing that he was not pressured by anyone and it is not up to the representative to draw political consequences.

“As follows from the Constitution of the Republic, the non-approval by the Assembly of the Republic of a motion of confidence, presented by the Government of the Republic, necessarily implies the resignation of the executive, and the same happens in the Azores, according to its Political Administrative Statute. The Political and Administrative Statute in force in our Region requires that the approval of the Government Programme be made through a motion of confidence, unlike what happens in the Republic and the Azores,” he said.

“But it says nothing about the consequences of not passing a motion of confidence. It could be said that this is a gap to be filled according to what happens in the Republic and the Azores; this solution, by the way, is advanced by some doctrine. This does not seem to me to be the best way, since the aforementioned Political-Administrative Statute is very clear in drawing the consequences of the approval of a motion of rejection, and the motion of confidence is enshrined differently,” he elaborated.

“In any case, it can never be the Representative of the Republic who draws political consequences from this non-approval, because, as is known, the Regional Government is based exclusively on the Legislative Assembly, and only this body can dismiss the Government. Neither the Representative of the Republic nor even His Excellency the President of the Republic could do so.” He clarified once again.

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