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Hydroponic Centre in Funchal

The Regional Director of Agriculture and Rural Development, Marco Caldeira, visited the farm of José Luís Freitas, an agricultural entrepreneur who has been hydroponically farming since 2011.

Located in Funchal, the project covers a total area of 1,650 m2 and uses new available technologies.  The initiative also receives financial support from the regional budget and community funds, and mainly grows strawberries and lettuces, among other crops, and at the moment employs two full-time people.

Hydroponics is the technique in which plants are grown without soil, feeding through the roots with a specific nutrient solution, composed of water and all the nutrients necessary for the different stages of development. In this case, pillows with coconut substrate are used, an inert material for root support and subsequent development of the plant.

On site, there is also a small unit for the processing of cabbage that produces about 30 tons/year of chopped cabbage, which is mainly sold to large supermarkets.

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