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Current Hospital Should be a Backup Hospital

The React-Include-Recycle Party (RIR) has defended the need for the Dr. Nélio Mendonça Hospital to remain as a functional backup hospital, even when the new hospital is up and running.

According to a press statement, this was already one of the measures included in the RIR’s 2023 election proposal, which they will continue to fight for in their new election campaign.

In the party’s opinion, this solution “would be feasible in the face of the high number of problematic discharges that current Resident Structures for the Elderly (ERPI) cannot deal with.”

“With regard to the lack of ERPI, these exist in particular in the public sector and what we are currently witnessing is the concession of the management of public homes to the private sector, as is the case of the Bela Vista Establishment. For the RIR Party, this situation is unacceptable, “as we are selling the care of our elderly to private individuals, and by doing this we are witnessing the growth of a monopoly in senior citizen care.” Laments the RIR.

It is in this sense that, for the party, the Central Hospital of Funchal is advanced as an alternative, not disregarding, however, the need for its rehabilitation, to accommodate “situations of problematic discharges, thus relieving services, as well as waiting times for nursing home hospitalisations.”

The RIR further condemned “a pre-campaign action by a party that has been living ‘in the shadow of the banana tree’ and that has now been discarded from the coalition to claim a proposal practically identical to that of the RIR Party.”

Samantha Gannon

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